nerdcraft: a field guide

nerdcraft sighting 2-14: manga stitchery ftw!

Sunday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

saw this at the bookstore and had to snap a pic!


nerdcraft sighting 2-5

Friday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

thanks to my friend chris for sending this along!

in the nerd craft field guide this specimen sits in the class: movies, television & books, in the genus: literal, in the family: star wars

there are instructions to make your very own too.  enjoy!


If you have a pair of old brown socks with holes in them, instead of sticking them back on your feet make your own Hammerhead sock doll! Otherwise known to his Cantina pals as Momaw Nadon, this gentle Ithorian was sitting …

instructables sew warm contest brought to you by singer!

Friday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

this looks like a great way to really try something new with my sewing machine.  i’m a little lost as to what to make, but have some ideas.  i’m going to be using fleece, i’m pretty sure of that; but what to do with it and how to show some true originality will be the challenge!  check out contest details here.


It’s chilly out there! When weather turns cold, it’s time to fight back by sewing up some new warm gear. We want to see what …