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corset crafting: this site is amazing - her sewing prowess takes my breath away

Monday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

Bridges on the Body

January 15, 2010

the official 1780 stays photograph

While I sort out the elastic issues for the corselet I thought I’d use the time to take better pictures of the garments I’ve made. Here is a much (much!) better photograph of Norah Waugh’s Corsets and Crinolines 1780 stays.

Reknit - February: Sweater = Cut-off Gloves

Monday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

neat site that my friend adam phillabaum referred me to from the thrillist website.  take your old sweater and let them turn it into something cool and awesome!


this month, my mom will turn your old into something new

How it works:

  1. you send an old sweater to my mom

  2. she unravels & reknits it into something new.

  3. a brand new, hand-made, one of a kind item is sent back to you.

No sweater, but you still want gloves?

grab some change and let’s find your … blog : Your Craft Spaces

Monday, Feb, 2010 By Beth.

Thanks to Natalie Zee and the team at Craftzine for featuring my space in their round up of reader spaces. If you are at all on the fence about dedicating space to crafting I hope their series helped to push you over; I know it worked for me!


It’s been so much fun this month gathering up all the inspiring photos for the Craft Space posts we’ve been doing. Now, we’ve turned the tables onto you! Here’s the craft space of one of our …