nerdcraft: a field guide

nerdcraft sightings of the week

Sunday, Jan, 2010 By Beth.

thanks to boing boing, fasionably geek, my friend cassie and the magic of the internetz here’s a round up of nerdcraft for the week of jan 11th.

WoW Epic Apron you can buy one of these beauties from cafe press or if you have a nice friend with an embroidery machine just purchase a naked apron and make one of your own!

Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the World the author of happy seamstress is my current HERO for her amazing blending of nintendo love with knitted goodness. and …

year of making step one: craft space

Saturday, Jan, 2010 By Beth.

i realized if i’m going to take the initiative to make more than i buy this year, then i need a great space in which to make. converting the guest room into a making room took a few days, but was totally worth it. you can take a tour here. the most important thing was to have a space that inspired me; so i chose some of my favorite pieces of art for the walls.  a book case was a must for my (growing) collection of reference books and patterns.  and of course, storage: …

nerdcraft sighting 1-13

Wednesday, Jan, 2010 By Beth.

seen at the bellevue quality sewing and vacuum. this epic nintendo themed quilt was quilted by one the store employees, designed by his daughter as a gift for her boyfriend. color me jealous!