nerdcraft: a field guide

year of making step one: craft space

i realized if i’m going to take the initiative to make more than i buy this year, then i need a great space in which to make. converting the guest room into a making room took a few days, but was totally worth it. you can take a tour here. the most important thing was to have a space that inspired me; so i chose some of my favorite pieces of art for the walls.  a book case was a must for my (growing) collection of reference books and patterns.  and of course, storage: whether it’s yarn, fabric or the tools of the trade, i love to have a place for everything.  and since i did give up the bed for the crafting space; i chose to add a huge comfy chaise that can double as crash space for the fur kids and sleepy spot for guests.

i also took a few pictures of my latest projects, a patchwork tote and another set of amy butler zipper bags.  the focus right now is less about creativity and more about technique and learning how to best construct. sort of like learning the rules before you break ‘em. next up is a pair of pj pants with a valentine’s theme.  i’m a sucker for all the themed pjs that target puts out around each holiday and having the rule: if you can make it don’t buy it; i’m pre-empting any desire to throw down some cash on cutesy/heartsy lounging pantz next month.

more project pics to come and i’m finally going to post all the sources and links from my gnomedex talk over the weekend.  i am teh lame for taking this long to do so; so check back to see all that geeky nerd craft goodness!